Use sculpting tools together with PlastiSketch

PlastiSketch can be used to create simplistic models that can be refined in sculpting tools to rapidly reduce the time needed to create a model

We won't go into detail of how to exactly create models within PlastiSketch here. Please refer one of the other tutorials for help on that. The goal here is to create a duck-like character using PlastiSketch and a sculpting tool. This tutorial is optimized for the use with Mudbox however it should be similar when using other tools. The model you export from PlastiSketch could look like in the picture below. To export the model from PlastiSketch first set the Export Scale to "10" and press "Export" afterwards.


After importing the OBJ file to Mudbox you will see a model that looks like below. You need to make some small changes before starting to sculpt.


PlastiSketch exports contain sometimes coarse areas that need to be refined before sculpting. In Mudbox you can use the remesh feature to refine those areas. Often a "Divide Threshold" of 15 is recommended.


Areas that look to "hard" or have to strong edges can be smoothed with the Smooth tool.


Finally you can use the tools of you choice to do the detailling. The result could look like the picture below.


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