Create a custom pull handle with PlastiSketch and Tinkercad

If you need some creative pull handle or cabinet doors or a drawer this can be easily created with PlastiSketch and reworked with Tinkercad if needed

We plan to create a round handle, so first create a circle for the bottom part of the handle. Use the wand symbol highlighted in red:


We want the handle to be 3cm in width so we use a circle with the width 300 (10 units = 1mm).


We want the height to be a total of 3 cm also. As we have 3 layers we will change the height between layer 1 and 2 to 2 cm (200), see the red box below:


We want a fancy looking door handle so we will change the second layer to a star, press the wand symbol of the second layer, choose the "star" type and set the radius again to 300 (3 cm):


Now add the uppermost layer (layer 3) by pressing the "+" symbol (see below) and changing the height between layer 2 + layer 3 to 1 cm (100):


Change the shape of the 3rd layer to circle and set the radius to 30:


Now you can use the "export" function on the left to download your obj file. You could now go ahead and print it and drill a hole in the bottom of the handle. However you could also use Tinkercad to create the hole. To do this just import the OBJ file to Tinkercad, press the import button on the upper right:


Drag and drop the file you exported from PlastiSketch and import it into Tinkercad, afterwards click the import button:


You can now use the rotate function to change the orientation:


Afterwards use the cylinder and the alignment function to create a hole:


The result should look something like this:


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