How to create a basemesh for subdivision modeling tools like Rocket 3F or Silo 2 using PlastiSketch

This article will show you the complete pipeline: From basemesh creation in PlastiSketch over refining in Rocket 3F to texture painting in Substance to create a 3D Octopus like below.


First of all create your basemesh within PlastiSketch. You could also do that in your subdivision modeller however in most cases this will take longer and be a more frustrating experience. PlastiSketch is able to create big changes to the overall mesh with only some clicks allowing you to figure out the best overall look for your model. In this case we decided to use the Octopus Example (


PlastiSketch displays a triangulated version however the export will contain mostly quads. This example already includes the eyeholes. This helps a little to understand the overall look and feel of the mesh, however eyeholes can easily be added by the subd modelling tool afterwards. Set an appropriate quality (normally between 0-2, depending on size and detailing), activate the  'Export n-gon' option in PlastiSketch and press export to generate an obj file.

You can now use your favorite subdivision modelling tool to open the basemesh. For this tutorial we use Rocket 3F ( However you might want to also take at other tools like Silo 2 ( PlastiSketch will export some faces as n-gons so Rocket 3F (and maybe other modellers also) will not properly display (and subdivide) this. You can either use the "Fix" option or use the Knife Tool to add some polygons to the n-gon at the bottom of the octopus. The latter is recommended as the auto generated polygon is not optimal.


You can now refine the basemesh according to your needs and create a facial expression.


Now you can use your favorite tool to paint the texture. We recommend Substance Painter (, however you might also want to look at Armor Paint ( which is still in development as of writing. If you use the combination Rocket 3F and Armor Paint you will need a tool for UV unwrapping.



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